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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  August 29, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm beth troutman. it's time for some of the best videos of the summer. it was a school tradition along a busy street, but one student didn't see this coming. >> no way! >> keep watching video, in seconds he's back on his feet. >> the amazing story of a guy that took a hit and walked it off. a dancer in a daring performance catches on fire. luckily there was a hero near by. and everybody knows you can't dump your logs in the middle of the street. >> there is steam coming out of beth's ears. >> why mr. sensitive department like what he heard when he went before a judge. >> they are viral video gold.
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we talked to the golden sisters, or tried to. >> where do you get -- there's been what i think is a cool tradition at the university of texas in austin. at the end of the semester. they get together for foam sword friday. they do it since 2007. when the light turns red -- there is a midevil battle in the streets with foam swords. this modern day brave heart and tradition got scary very quick. here is why -- that is
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18-year-old freshman nick ammond. he runs out, and he gets launched a few feet, but keep watching video. in seconds, he is back up on his feet and walks over calmly to the sidewalk. he was laughing after this. he was taken to the hospital, released in just a few hours with no major injuries. he even got to appear on "good morning america." in all honesty, i thought someone just pushed me over. the bus driver was sighted for running a red light, but the dash cam for the bus showed that wasn't the case. so the citation was dropped. the bus driver did retraining, and is back on the job. the university president has come forward and said this will be the last year for foam sword
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friday. >> why not the last year for buss on the street? come on. >> one of the coolest things sometimes are the street shows that people put together. this one is a fire dance show. and the girl starting her dance right now is a 16 year old. she's portfolioing as part of children's day in russia. the flames get very close, but not to the kids. they get very close to her face -- >> oh my god. >> somebody help her out. >> does she have an accelerate or something on her face? >> she did, so when the flames good too close and she started on fire. she didn't stop drop and roll like we know to do, she ran
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away, one spectator took his coot and rapped her in it. because of his quick action she sustained only may nor injuries. >> that's amazing for as long as that flaume was on her face that she had minor injuries. >> everybody else watched. >> some of the commenters are saying that real ofsional fiver what she did. they use very specific precautions and they do things in only a certain way. so there are a lot of people in the fire dancing community that don't like this video because she's giving all of them a bad name. >> guys, this is a police chase with a twist. the guy in the black ford focus is a suspected bank robber named brent j. woodall.
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he robbed a bank and then ran from it all. the twist of this story is this police chase resulted in an arrest because of k 2s chopper. they end up in a residential neighborhood. when that happened, police decided to call off the chase because they felt like it was dangerous. the helicopter stays on the car. the police started communicating with the news station making sure they were up to speed on where this car was, and according to police, this ford focus was also carjacked. >> wow. >> he ditches the ford focus right here on this neighborhood street. he tries to carjack this scar you see going in reverse, so then he runs on foot over to this green minivan being driven by felipe trejo.
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they end up sandwiching woodall. >> he is trapped. >> police come at him from all angels with their guns drawn. and you see him on the concrete with his arms spread. this bag right here is the money from the bank that he reportedly robbed. one of the worst parts is we learned that woodall's wife found out about this from watching it on television. since this happened in june she filed for divorce and he is now charged with several felonies. >> it's long, big, heavy, wood, and dumped in an east detroit neighborhood. a guy came in with a flat bed truck and dumped these logs in the middle of the street, and then he took off.
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he called qxyz and they're action news team came out. the guy they caught up with could be more offensive than the crime he's accused of doing. >> you don't have to ask me and i don't take the orrer from the woman by the way. >> that's just the beginning of his rand. >> you're saying you're going back to clean up can. >> oh, yes. i'm mr. clean up. >> somebody said they tried to yell at you. >> it must have been a woman yelling, and i don't listen to woman. this couple says he pulled his pants down. my mom bought me pant that's were ten times too big for me. i went outside to keep my
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streets clean. >> he hates women. he blames his indegree sent exposure on his mom. >> since this happened in june, the maybe from hell was not nuts, he had to wear an alcohol tether. >> i don't listen to women, i tell them to shut up. >> he loves hannah montana body spray because it keeps his raccoon at bay. >> aren't you afraid he might give you something? >> he can't give me nothing i haven't already had. >> and this kid is stuck. >> he's all right, he's a kid. >> find out how this little guy got here, next.
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you remember this guy,
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right? this is a gentleman that used the hannah montana coop repellant. >> this is the second video just uploaded to youtue. >> he says he likes hannah montana and her dad billy ray sigh rus. >> i love it, and he don't. number one, he doesn't bite me. and number two it makes me feel bold. >> that's the best part, yes. >> at the very end of the video --
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>> it's safe to spray on your face? >> i know we have tons of questions, so all the way from tennessee, we have mark brown. how did you discover that the hannah montana body spray worked as a repellant. >> my girlfriend had some sitting on the table. >> why do you hang out with the co coons? >> they hang out with me. >> he has been coming around since he was a little fella, and sometimes he scratches on the door and he comes in the house an he has his way. he eats, bites me, and goes on his way.
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>> they're known to have diseases, aren't you afraid? >> he can't give me nothing i haven't already had. >> before i go, i want to do one more thing. this used to feel like barbed wire, now it feels soft, hannah montana shampoo. >> who knew this could be so fun? ♪ who knew? you know kids are cute when they try to say words and they
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don't say them right. >> she's teaching her neighbor avery how to say popcicle. >> she has a couple versions that are not quite right. >> popacble. >> pop -- >> now cicle. >> now say it together -- >> it sounds like a bike. my pocacicle has a flat tire. i said popcicle.
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>> you got it! >> you both said it! ♪ >> there is three sisters who became an internet sensation. >> ray jay who? >> now a right this minute sensation. >> i don't watch it. >> hear what they have to say about everything. and,
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where you want around the house -- even outside. so you're no longer tied to the tv outlet. [ megan ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. ♪ not so long ago, i showed you a very simpl just three lovel grandmas having a splendid lunch. just chatting about the kim kardashian thing. they're called the three golden sisters. they talk about all kinds of other stuff. >> for example -- apparently one of their grandsons. >> this is hysterical. >> this is teresa, josie.
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and they talk about a man with a 20 month long erection. >> try to go to bed with a old fat lady. >> these three lovely ladies hold nothing back, so we had to get them on skype. so we have josie, and mary. >> we wanted to start a website, and we thought what would be fun? and we just record while we each lunch on wednesdays. when the kardashian tape came up, it was spontaneous and we watched it, and -- >> where do you get -- >> we don't watch porn, it was
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actually. >> that sex tape by ray j. >> i'm a fan of kim kardashian. >> okay, i liked -- i thought -- >> you watch her show? >> no, i don't watch. i see her in the magazine. she's nice to look at. >> i have a question though. >> i have an education. i'm 81 years old and i have an education. >> i never saw anything like that in my life. >> what kind of advice would you give women now? >> opposites attract? >> who should i marry, who is my opposite? >> ray j.
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>> when you first see this video without the sound on, what do you think it going on here? >> a kid in a box. >> it is much funnier than that. this is a 5-year-old who is getting ready for karate class. >> i fell in, many shoe is in here. >> why are you still there. >> he fell into the hamper and he can't get out. >> mom decided to get the video cam and and not help him get out of the box. >> that's all right, he's a kid. >> do you need help. >> i can't even -- >> okay, i'm going to help you
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out now. >> why are you laughing? >> he has no idea how funny this is. >> thanks, mom, just stand there and laugh and film me. >> she heard him calling for her. he walks into his room, and all she sees is a pair of legs sticking out. my shoe is in here. >> training gone -- >> oh, that sound. >> why did she think that's what she was supposed to do. >> you'll see what we're talking about, next. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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our favorite german is back, and this time he combin throwing knifes with a slngshot. this at home. >> so, to shoot the knives, you basically put it in the pouch -- that's crazy. this is what i came up. it's a cross bow that fires throwing knives. >> this guy is awesome, watch what happens when he drops the knife in -- >> be careful! >> let's shoot at this wooden
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plank. i'm very impressed with how deep it goes in. >> he's so awesome. i want to see his basement or where ever he keeps all of these creations, and see them lined up. >> orangutang fail. ♪ before i show you this video, i'm going to challenge you both to not laugh. >> i'm not going to laugh. i'm on it. in this training pool in norway is an army woman, and this is part of a training series focused on malat. i don't know what the dive is
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supposed to look like, but it's not this. >> it honestly was just a fail. >> maybe it's just to test their intestinal fortitude on belly flops. >> i don't think that's the way it was supposed to go. we have all had a smaller version of this. >> well she had on all of that gear, she didn't do it on a bare belly. >> yeah, you will get a cheuckl out of it, but these people are training to protect -- >> by the way, nick, you failed. >> i'm okay with that. i like to laugh. >> fail. good job, steve. >> i'm just feeling the pain.
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>> that's going to do it for us here at rtm. thank you for spending time with us. >> referee: your shoe is in there? >> yeah. >> how come you are still there? >> i can't get out. do you need help? >>
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